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 Proud to have one of the speakers on the west coast

Northcoast Audio is proud to be an authorized dealer for the best names in home audio speakers today, Including Danish made loudspeakers from Dali and Dynaudio, The famous KEF speakers from the UK, Revel speakers, JBL Synthesis, American made speakers from Magnepan, Klipsch and JL Audio Subwoofers, Northcoast audio is an authorized dealer for Dali speakers Northcoast Audio is an Authorized Dealer for all speaker lines we carry.

Located at 5th & C streets in Eureka, CA - Northcoast Audio invites you to come audition the best speakers in Humboldt County

Northcoast Audio serves clients on the Northern California and Southern Oregon coasts.

We do not sell out of our local area unless you have visited our showroom. Buy local - support your local independent audio specialist!

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check out our featured speakers: the amazing Magnepan Magneplanar 1.7

We have a love for great music, and great sound.

The name itself, Northcoast AUDIO was chosen intentionally to reflect this passion. We love this stuff, and our customers tell us it shows.

Speakers are the heart of any high quality sound system.

We are quite proud of our hi-fi options. Proud that Northcoast Audio has been recognized for having one of the sweetest selection of loudspeakers available in northern California and on the west coast. We strive to find best in class speakers that often out perform speakers that cost many times more. Sure, there are much more expensive speakers out there, but the harder task is to find the ones that sound just as good at a fraction of the price.

Our speakers aren't expensive. They just sound like they are. Great speakers should never have to cost more than a new car.

Chosen first and foremost for their sound quality, we are dedicated to bringing the best performing speakers to our fellow audio enthusiasts. We go to the hi-fi shows, we listen to hundreds of speakers. We choose what we like best, and bring them here to you.

The "Classic Hi-Fi Store" may be disappearing in most places, but it still exists right here in Eureka, California. In few places these days in any size store can you listen to such a range of product. Our speaker selection rivals and in most cases, surpasses what you would find in specialty audio stores in any major city in America. This is why so many of our clients are willing to make the lengthy (but beautiful!) drive to the heart of the redwood coast.

We are proud to present some the most sought after and most well respected and reviewed speakers available today... and as always, at fair and extremely competitive prices.

Your full service audio store - Sales, Service and Installation

Northcoast Audio is a factory authorized dealer for all speaker brands we carry