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Northcoast Audio is proud to be chosen as a demonstration site for the new Magnepan Mini Maggie System

They've been called the "worlds best desktop system"

"A mini 3.7"

If you don't have the space for one of Magnepan's award winning full floorstanding speakers like the 1.7 or 3.7, or perhaps just want to get the Magnepan sound on your desktop

The Mini Maggies could be your solution.

A compact system consisting of two satellite panels and a bass panel, the Mini Maggies are surprising with the level of detail, imaging and accuracy from such a small system.

Powered with an appropriate amp, the little guys are simply amazing.

As shown in Black with Black trim

Our price $1499

avail. in classic off white, black, dark grey cloth with naatural oak, black or dark cherry trim.


"Put a 3.7 on your desk"

The New Magnepan "Mini Maggie" System

"Desktop audio never sounded this good before" - S. Guttenberg The Audiophiliac


On Display at Northcoast Audio

We currently demonstrate the Magnepan "Mini Maggie" The MG 1.7 and MG 3.7 loudspeakers with amplification from Parasound, NAD and Rega. We are also happy to special order any product from the Magnepan catalog.

Northcoast Audio is an Authorized Magnepan dealer... and a huge, huge fan of the maggies.

Our showroom Mini Maggie display.


the best selection of quality home speakers

Northcoast Audio is proud to be an authorized dealerfor Magnepan speakers

Magnepan Mini Maggie Price $1489

Northcoast Audio is an authorized dealer for Parasound Halo amplifiers

Come visit out showrroms Located at 5th & C streets in Eureka, CA - Northcoast Audio invites you to come audition the best selection of speakers on the west coast

Northcoast Audio your local Magnepan dealer located in Eureka, California, serves clients in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

Buy local - support your local independent audio video specialist!

updated 5/9/16


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