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Northcoast Audio has earned our reputation for low competitive prices.

If you find a lower price from an authorized member of the Sony Retailer Network...

we will happily match the price.



When you buy any Sony product from Northcoast Audio, rest assured you are purchasing from an authorized and factory trained Sony dealer, a member of the Sony retailer network.


Northcoast Audio sells new, untampered, “a” stock, factory-fresh Sony merchandise product backed with the protection and assurance of full Sony Factory warranty and all privledges associated with a purchase from an authorized Sony retailer network member.

Many unscrupulous internet sites may promise warranties and new product.

Despite many erroneous claims, purchases from unauthorized dealers have NO Sony warranty whatsoever.

“Effective January 2011, Sony Electronics will honor its limited product warranties only when the products are purchased from an in-network reseller...”


Buying from Northcoast Audio

• Northcoast Audio receives direct support from Sony

• We offer Full Warranty Privledges

• 90 Day advanced exchange on select Sony ES products.

• product updates

• warranty support

• Knowledgable Sony trained sales installation staff


SONY ES 3/5 year warranty

Sony ES products are only sold by a small, select group of highly skilled and Sony trained specialty retailers. Only Sony authorized custom installation dealers can offer the experience and support for these premium specialty products.

Absolutely no internet dealers are authorized to sell Sony ES products. This includes sony’s own

Sony ES home A/V products come with an industry leading 5 years parts and labor warranty. 

As an authorized Custom Installation dealer, only we are able to offer the 90 day “Advanced Exchange” on ES products.


Sony ES Projectors have 3 year Parts and labor and are also included in the 90 day advanced exchange program. An unauthorized dealer cannot assure or represent this.

If an internet merchant claims to offer warranty, know this: It is NOT a Sony warranty. Sony will not honor any purchase from an unauthorized dealer.

Other pitfalls of buying on line from unauthorized dealers include and not limited to; unknowledgeable and unscrupulous sellers, previously opened boxes, and the most common issue: concealed damage from freight handling that happens all the time in this industry, then it’s between the customer and the shipper or the freight company, let’s see... who wins those disputes?  


Buy with confidence.

Northcoast Audio is committed to offering the best service, best installation and best value. We are proud to be a part of the Sony Retailer Network and and proud to be a Sony Authorized Custom Installer.