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Revel loudspeakers don’t sound like other speakers because they aren’t crafted, engineered or tested like other speakers. They offer astounding performance, remarkable value and zero compromises.

The Performa3 Series is the latest expression of Revel’s unparalleled acoustical research and technological resources. This range of nine all-new models combines audiophile-caliber performance with furniture-grade cabinetry in a design that is both purposeful and elegant.

These models achieve their superior sound quality with proprietary drivers including an aluminum diaphragm tweeter mated to an acoustical lens waveguide and powerful cast-aluminum frame midranges and woofers with ribbed aluminum cones. Premium network components including air-core inductors and polypropylene capacitors ensure that the signal path remains crystal clear.

Internally braced enclosures with curved side panels minimize potential cabinet-induced coloration and are finished in a choice of high-gloss walnut veneer or automotive-grade high gloss painted finishes.

On Display at Northcoast Audio

We currently demonstrate the complete line of Revel Performa 3 products in both a 2-channel stereo and full home theater setting.with amplification from Marantz, Parasound Halo, NAD, Rega and more. In addition, we also have on active demo, the Revel in-wall architectural loudspeakers.

Visit our showroom at 205 5th st. Eureka, CA

corner of 5th and C streets in downtown Eureka

*On active display in our showroom

Ultima / Salon / Concerta / Special Orders

As a full-line direct Revel dealer, Northcoast Audio is always happy to special order any current model Revel speaker, even models we may not regualary stock or display. From the entry level Concerta to the top-of-the-line Salon.

Superior customer service is our goal, no special order too small or large.

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Northcoast Audio is an Authorized Dealer for all speaker lines we carry inluding the new Revel Performa 3 loudspeakers

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