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What are the differences between the Technics SL-1200GAE and the SL-1200G-S models?


Technics recently released the following statement:


SL-1200G-S Announcement


When the SL-1200GAE was originally introduced at CES, it was explained that it would offer 3 differences as incentive to early adopters.


1) Limited Edition escutcheon plate numbered from 1-1200 units sold globally.

2) A magnesium tonearm tube

3) A higher quality theta silicone used in the zinc footing. The latter two offering audiophile improvements.


The story continued that once the initial 1200 units of SL-1200GAE are sold we will begin shipment of SL-1200G in the Fall/Winter timeframe. It was deemed essentially the same turntable, at the same price without the numbered escutcheon plate, but with an aluminum tonearm tube and regular silicone in the footings.


In hindsight and after careful study, our engineering team discovered that the improvement of the magnesium tonearm tube was something that the normal SL-1200G model must have to keep its advanced audiophile sound qualities.


So the SL-1200G model will also have a magnesium tonearm tube with a slightly different finish to distinguish it from the GAE model. The only remaining audible difference will come from the insulator footings which will have regular silicone gel as opposed to theta silicone gel. The audible differences are probably measurable on test instruments but maybe not to the human ear unless played back on the most revealing of systems. So everyone should be happy with their GAE or G model.


What are all the differences between SL-1200GAE and SL-1200G?


Tonearm finish - SL-1200GAE=Shiny Silver / SL-1200G=Sandblast

Insulator material - SL-1200GAE=Silicon Rubber(Special) / SL-1200G= Silicon Rubber(Normal)

Insulator housing color - SL-1200GAE=Dark Silver / SL-1200G=Metallic Black

Limited Edition Numbered Badge - SL-1200GAE=Yes / SL-1200G=No:


Our take:

The bottom line is this. The SL-1200G will be just as awesome.

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updated 7/30/16


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